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Women of the World is dedicated to the upliftment and empowerment of women everywhere. It is our belief that elevating the status of women is the pivotal factor in the creation of a peaceful 21st century, a sustainable world and a heart-centered future.

Our mission is to help women (and men) lead joyful, passionate and contributory lives. The goal of the information and techniques that we share, is to make it possible for women (and men) to enjoy their full potential and create a reality of exciting choices.

We believe that we can all experience joyful creation, peace and well-being when women align with their inner power and grace, when the Divinity of every woman is honored, and when we all respect and connect with Mother Earth.

Our goal is to take our message to the waiting and eager worldwide audience. Guru Rattana's book -

" The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World",

is available from our On-Line Kundalini Yoga Store.

Our goal is to share with you ancient wisdom and sacred technologies adapted to meet the needs of our time. These techniques will help you enrich your life, expand your awareness and discover your true identity and destiny path. We will unveil these treasures over the months and years to come.

You are invited to join with us in this extremely worthwhile and exciting endeavor. Bookmark our site and return here often.



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