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My Thesis Summarized
by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

As a student of international environment and development issues for over thirty years I believe that we are dabbling with only partial answers to our global challenges because we are dealing with only part of the problem. To find viable solutions and penetrate to the core causes, we must expand our perception of reality.

The root of our impasse is that we view our problems exclusively in terms of "outer" causes and solutions. We have been unaware of, ignored, or denied the role of "inner" causes and solutions to global problems. Whatever the problem, there is an inner, spiritual component that must be acknowledged, understood and dealt with to solve it. We can no longer ignore subjective causes just because they do not fit neatly into neat intellectual, scientific equations.

The Root Cause

The root cause of our problems is that we live in our heads and not in our hearts. We must learn to open our hearts by expanding our conscious awareness and our relationship with the Earth, the Universe, our body, our emotions and our soul.

 Our inner spiritual quest, by its very nature, involves getting in touch with our feelings and with the feminine within. It is my belief that in the process of our own internal awakening, we will become aware of the fact that the devalued status and unappreciated role of women and the feminine principle are the principal cause of our global problems.

The Underlying Solution

My basic position is that the underlying solution to all our global problems is the elevation of the status of women, appreciation of women's roles and honoring the feminine essence.

The global problem is the status of women
and the feminine.

Women are the source of creation on the planet. When a woman creates out of fear and abuse, her pain is passed on to the next generation. When a woman creates out of strength and security, her love is her gift to all humankind. When we honor the creative essence of women, the nobility of the mother and the feminine aspect of the divine (which resides within every woman and man), we will not only find meaningful solutions to our problems, we will discover the sacredness of all life.

Inner Reality creates Outer Reality

I operate from the basic premise that our inner state of consciousness creates our outer reality. As long as our inner psyche is rooted in fear, hate and anger, we participate in exploitation, destruction, terrorism, and suffering. When we experience love, acceptance, peace and oneness in our minds, we will no longer exploit Mother Earth, women or other living beings.

Our inner personal transformation can release us from victimization and birth us into personal responsibility and self-love. From a stance of inner personal integrity and power, we can effectively work together to create the world we desire and deserve to live in.


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