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Divine Mother Meditation

It takes very little to unleash the potential, the power and the passion of a woman. I teach women how to experience the source of creation in their bodies and emotions. Our goal is to use this energy to tap our creative potential, to maintain a continual connection with spirit and to manifest our dreams.

Meditation is a powerful tool for balancing the emotions and calming the mind. When we feel confused, upset or distracted, we can be healed and uplifted by chanting the sound of the Maaaaa from our heart.

This simple, yet powerful meditation, which can be done alone or with friends, aligns us with the creative and nurturing power of the Mother. It helps us experience our connection to the infinite vibration of love.

Meditation Pose

Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight. Place your hands on you heart, left on top of right. (Men may feel more comfortable with right on top of left.) Inhale deeply and chant Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for as long as your breath holds out. Then inhale and repeat. Chant for 3-11 minutes, or more if you wish.

If you are doing this in a group, each person chants at their own pace. As each person breathes at different times, the effect is one long Maaaaaaaaa. This can be done with both men and women present.

To End:
Inhale deeply, hold, exhale. Do this 3 times. While holding the breath, listen to the sound resonate in your body and mind. Then sit quietly and let the healing love that you feel expand from your heart and radiate throughout your whole body and beyond.

Concentrate on yourself first, until you feel very solid and cozy in yourself. After you have consolidated your own feelings, you can place other people or the Earth in your heart and share the love that you feel with them.

This mantra is very calming and soothing. It allows you to be your own therapist in the coziness of your own inner space and home.

Many things can come up, including negative emotions to be healed and situations to be resolved. Be with whatever comes to you and let the love within your own heart, the love of the Divine Mother, and the sound itself participate in your healing and awakening process.

While chanting Maaaaaaaaa, you may experience different levels of meaning. In common language we associate MA with mothers. Your first associations may be personal, related to your own mother. The second level of experience is impersonal. As you repeat the sound Maaa you will feel its energy. It becomes an affirmation. You become aware of its energetic qualities.

As you continue repeating the mantra, you enter a third level of experience. You become absorbed in the primal sound. You merge with its rhythm. You experience a pattern of energy. You will gradually become more aware and awake, more relaxed and steady.

In the final stage, you will feel another dimension of aliveness. You will witness another dimension of reality as you merge in Oneness with the Divine Mother.

The above are guidelines that you can be aware of. But do not push yourself or expect to have these specific experiences. Everyone’s experience is unique. Your experiences will vary from time to time and will evolve over time.

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